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Soon we will offer modern, high-quality website templates designed specially for internet businesses. Prices will be easily affordable, in the $20-$40 range.

About Alta Web Works

Alta Web Works is ran by Susan (Sue) Pichotta, a veteran website designer, internet marketer and software developer.

A native of Port Angeles, Washington, Susan spent her teen years in California, then moved to Reno, Nevada, where she lived and worked for the next 13 years. During that time, she was a computer programmer on software for payroll, purchasing, public record indexing, gold mining statistics, and more.

In the early 1990s, Sue wrote her first product for sale, a software package for government bidding. Writing software is one thing, but selling it is another. Sue was forced to learn about software marketing, and to her surprise, she enjoyed it - even more than programming. In 1993, she moved to San Antonio, Texas, to be nearer the majority of her customer base and more centrally located for telephone support.

While in San Antonio, Sue not only worked on her bidding software, but also wrote software for others. She had local clients in the church bond brokerage industry (similar to stock brokers, but not quite) and medical records. However, marketing was where she preferred to spend her time.

When the internet came along, Sue was delighted - her need for FedEx disappeared, as did her fax line. And she found that designing websites was even more fun than designing print brochures. Through the years, she has concentrated more and more on websites and marketing.

In 2008, Sue moved to Port Angeles, Washington. With an internet-based business, location was no longer an issue. She also began doing even more custom website work. When Sue does a website, she generally works on the content as well as the graphic design and navigation. This enables her to address marketing issues, which she feels is the heart of any website. One customer reported product sales increases of 20% - 25% when his new website designed by Sue went live.

However, Sue's heart is in products, and so she is taking a break from custom work to create website templates, which will have her marketing expertise designed into them. She's also working on an ebook for business owners to create their own websites.

When not working on websites and products, Sue has spoken at software marketing and developer conferences, has written articles for magazines, newsletters and blogs, and has been active in online software marketing communities. She was the Conference Manager for ISVCon, and a past board member of the Educational Software Cooperative.

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